The Colour Kwa Face Campaign was started by   renowned Kenyan artiste Nonini, who began helping persons with Albinism in Kenya by providing sunscreens, eye glasses, protective clothing as well as educational and vocational training assistance.

As a logical follow up to the Colour Kwa Face Campaign activities, and to meet the ever-increasing need to support people living with Albinism globally, the Colour Kwa Face Foundation was created in 2012. The foundation is a positive, sociable volunteer-run organisation that aims to provide information, advice and support for people living with Albinism and their families. The Colour Kwa Face Foundation activities and services are supported by grants and contributions primarily from other foundations, corporations, and individuals.


All people living with Albinism will have an opportunity to realise their full potential and live in equality in a world without bias.


Raise positive awareness

Provide information on Albinism

Facilitate opportunities for people to meet and support

Create a facility to care for people with Albinism

Encourage experience sharing


a)    To provide educational scholarship funds to children living with Albinism in Kenya.

b)    To help mitigate sun damage in persons with Albinism.

c)    To teach persons with Albinism how to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun.

d)    To create an Albinism clinic and provide sunscreens and sunglasses to all albinos in Kenya.

e)    To treat sun-related pre-cancerous growths in persons with Albinism using liquid nitrogen technique, and refer appropriately those already with presentations of skin cancer.

f)     To make “living with Albinism,” no longer a challenge in Kenya.

g)    To raise public awareness about Albinism through health education talk-shows, music entertainment, concerts, tours, presentations, and Information Education & Communication (IEC) materials.

h)   To establish an annual national Albinism conference for awareness, education, resolutions making and advocacy.

i)     To provide training for health care practitioners (volunteers) on Albinis

Raise positive awareness